Well, this is me!


Let's start with the good stuff! My passion is capturing the moments that make you, you.  The essence of life, I believe, are the moments people create/share together.  I enjoy getting to know my clients before their photography session. In addition, I have learned that doing this will make your individual photo experience more relaxed and memorable.  

Lets meet for coffee  or connect via Skype before your session. This way we can collaborate our visions for an amazing day of capturing YOU when it arrives. You can share your first date, things that make you laugh so hard you can barely catch your breath, and moments that have excited and amazed you. Disclaimer: I’m a silly goofball at heart. During your portrait session, we can listen to music, and yes of course dance! As you enjoy being in the moment me and my camera will take care of the rest; It has been my experience that the best images are captured when you least expect it. 

You should also know that I am not big on posing my clients, but rather, I enjoy directing in a way that evokes emotion.  I think the best captures happen when I spontaneously hit my shutter mid laughter, or as you are jumping into each others arms.  You in your natural rhythm is where the MAGIC is; be yourself, and the rest will fall into place. I am a natural light photographer, this means most of my sessions are outside to capture the natural warm glow, and that feeling of soft light.  I am a nature lover/enthusiast, and already know so many wonderful outdoor locations for the perfect shot. If your planning destination location umm Yeasss please... my camera bag is ready for take off ! Contact me for pricing as travel is not as expensive as some think. I want to work with my couples to make their dreams come true. 

My life has taught me that each moment deserves our presence. I live for being fully present, wind blown hair, late night drives, great friendships, and smiling so much my face hurts. Looking through the lens of my camera sets my soul on fire. If you think we would be a good fit, lets connect and create some magic! I cannot wait to see what we come up with together.

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